The 2016 JUNO Awards By The Numbers

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The 45th annual JUNO Awards went down in Calgary tonight and featured some big winners and even bigger performances.

Breakthrough Artist of the Year Alessia Cara got the party started, kicking off the show with her incredible rendition of Here and Wild Things. Of course, Cara’s inspiring performance is not to be confused with Dear Rouge’s emotionally moving rendition of their track Wild Ones, but we can see how that could be confusing.

The Weeknd celebrated a triumphant night, taking home awards in five of the six categories he was nominated in. The Toronto native followed up his wins with a double performance of his tracks Acquainted and Might Not with rapper Belly.

Hosts Jann Arden and Jon Montgomery were a solid match throughout the night, with Montgomery playing the nice Canadian boy to Arden’s hilariously PG-rated rock star.

So what else happened during the big night? Let’s break it down by the numbers. Watch the 2016 JUNO Awards again online at and check out for full coverage.

14: Number of times host city Calgary got a shout-out.


5: Number of musical acts from Calgary named by Jann Arden, who also happen to be people she’s slept with.


1: Number of couples who surprised us on the red carpet.


3: Number of teary-eyed winners that made us teary-eyed.

Teary Eyed

5: Number of awards The Weeknd won out of his six nominations.


42: Number of JUNO Awards handed out this year.


6: Number of JUNO Awards handed out Sunday night.


1: Number of red suits worn by Shawn Hook.

11214154 (1)

6: Number of times the word ‘legend’ was used.


1: Number of musicians arriving late during the part of the opening monologue where they’re being discussed.

Weeknd Perform

10 Million: Number of Twitter followers Jann Arden is hoping to get with this selfie.


2: Number of songs performed with the word “Wild” in the title.


1: Number of audience members’ phones stolen mid-performance by Coleman Hell.


3: Number of double performers.


2: Number of children under the age of 10 brought on stage.


Countless: Number of parents texting their kids saying they thought the guy with the interesting hair had a nice voice.