Jus Reign And Jehan Have The Ultimate Pun Battle (In Iceland!)


Mon, August, 10 by


Our very own Much Creator Jus Reign is a super funny and clever guy and now he can add the title of the King of Puns to his resume. Teaming up with fellow YouTuber Jehan (jehanr) and Field Day, the two YouTube personalities embarked on a punny trip to Iceland where they faced off on “The Ultimate Pun Battle”. And yes, it was truly epic.

From airport puns (“Just keep it plane and simple”) to all of the puns (“This one is for the neigh-sayers”), both Jus Reign and Jehan put up a fierce fight and, well, let’s just call this one a draw. They’re both the Kings of Puns!

Watch the full video below and check out more videos by Jus Reign on his Much Creators page now!

Jus Reign and Jehan also talk to Field Day about their internet fame and their most popular YouTube videos.