Jus Reign Explains What Really Happened With The TSA

Jus Reign Vlog

Much Creator Jus Reign made headlines across the US and Canada last week after being asked to remove his turban at the San Francisco airport. The YouTuber complied with the request of the TSA agents, but was upset when the agents refused the give him a mirror to rewrap his turban, instead forcing Jus Reign, real name Jasmeet Singh, to walk across the terminal and use the mirror in a public bathroom.

Jus Reign chronicled the events on his Twitter page to his 191,000 followers, noting that having to remove his turban was not what he took issue with, but that he wasn’t given a mirror to use while tying his turban, a process that can take up to 15 minutes.

In his new video uploaded last night, Jus Reign talks about New York fashion designer Waris Ahluwalia, who while flying through the US was denied a private room in which to remove his turban, a sacred article in the Sikh religion.

In the video below, Jus Reign explains what happened at the airport and also notes that he’s since spoken with the TSA about their practices. Jus Reign says that he’s focusing on the positives, which is that more awareness has been brought to the TSA, who even asked the comedian to help them shoot an educational video.

Check out the full clip below.