Watch Jus Reign Be Hilarous In Jimmy Kimmel’s Latest Mean Tweets


Musicians, celebrities and athletes have all felt the wrath of random Internet haters. Now, in the latest instalment of Mean Tweets, it’s YouTube Creators’ turn in Jimmy Kimmel’s hot seat.

Celebrating VidCon, the huge online video conference that takes place in California every year, Kimmel rounds up some of the biggest names in Internet culture to read cruel, devastating and kinda hilarious tweets from their mentions.

Among the talent was Much Digital Studios’ own Jus Reign, who just co-hosted the iHeartRadio MMVAs red carpet show. He was also joined by iHeartRadio MMVAs presenter, fellow Canadian Creator (and long lost sibling?) Lilly Singh, better known around the Interwebs as Superwoman.

Watch JusReign, Tyler Oakley, Vsauce and Kingsley prove that no one is safe from mean tweets below.