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Jus Reign Has The Ultimate Toronto Day With Norm Kelly


Drake may be the self-proclaimed 6ix God, but he’s not the only Torontonian who proudly reps his city everywhere he goes.

YouTuber and Much Creator Jus Reign has been doing his part to lobby for Toronto as the greatest city in the world, with his online efforts recently earning him a spot on Toronto Life’s list of most influential Torontontians. Jus Reign promises he’s not done repping the T Dot, saying, “When I used to live in Guelph (Ontario) as a kid I looked to Toronto as the city I wanted to eventually be in and be one of the cool dudes there. So this Toronto’s most influential thing is like such a rad thing to see. Its surreal. I love this city and everything about it… also I’m not done climbing this list yet.”

got named one of toronto’s most influential like who tf do i think i am right. but like don’t answer this. i know who i am. i’m not having a identity crisis or existential issue i’m fine thanks for ur concern. but uh does this mean i never have to wait in line for anything anymore in toronto because thats exactly what this better mean. “how u gon hate from outside the club when you cant even get in??? cuz ur not one of torontos most influential and dont have line bypass for everything” i want to be able to shout this at a club every time before look at me now by chris brown comes on. that’s what most influential better mean. when i used to live in guelph as a kid I looked to toronto as the city i wanted to eventually be in and be one of the cool dudes there. so this torontos most influential thing is like such a rad thing to see. its surreal. i love this city and everything about it… also i’m not done climbing this list yet HA U THOUGHT. thank you @torontolifemag

A photo posted by Jasmeet Swizzy (@jusreign) on

Someone else who is doing their part to make Toronto better is city counselor Norm Kelly. Thanks to his vocal support of Drake, especially during the height of Drizzy’s beef with Mack Mill, Kelly has been dubbed the ‘6ix Dad,’ a title he wears proudly.

So, who better to cruise around Toronto together and talk about all things T.O. than Jus Reign and Norm Kelly? The two recently did just that, covering everything from dream cars, to those damn pot holes. Jus Reign fittingly dropped Kelly off at City Hall, but not before one of them gave a very eloquent description of Toronto. The other did a really great job driving.

Check out Jus Reign and Norm Kelly driving around Toronto below and click here to watch Jus Reign take a spin with Kardinal Offishal and learn how the term T Dot originated.