Justin Bieber And DJ Snake’s Video For ‘Let Me Love You’ Is A Hell Of A Ride


Justin Bieber and DJ Snake’s late-summer hit ,”Let Me Love You,” finally has a video, and it’s a little dark.

The video—which doesn’t feature the Biebs or DJ Snake at all, other than by way of weird masks—is a Bonnie and Clyde story about two lovers on a crime spree. They rob gas stations and diners while wearing masks of DJ Snake and Bieber, make out while rolling around in all their stolen money and evade a mob boss and a bunch of flying bullets. When it seems that the police just might catch them—there’s a crazy twist ending. Brace yourself.

While other bangers have been accompanied by cops n’ robbers-type videos in the past, no video has given us an ending so…well, creepy. Not really what we expected from Bieber, but hey—from deleting his Instagram to punching that fan in the face, this hasn’t been the most predictable this year for the ol’ Biebs.