Listen To Snippets Of Justin Bieber’s ‘One Dance’ Remix

As Drake’s album Views earns the number one spot on the Billboard charts for the fourth non-consecutive week, it’s only natural that more celebrities continue jump on the Views bandwagon.

Earlier this month, iHeartRadio MMVAs performer Shawn Mendes released his cover and mash-up of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” and “One Dance,” and now, fellow Canadian Justin Bieber is about to do the same.

The pop star debuted the new remix at an exclusive, 1 OAK pop-up party in Monaco over the weekend. Bieber was joined by DJ Cruz, Lewis Hamilton, Gabrielle Union, and other celebrity A listers. Because the Internet is a beautiful place and Gabrielle Union is a delight, there is video footage of his performance that we can watch.

Though there is no confirmed release date for an official version of the song, we’re hoping Justin’s Drake track drops soon. With the seal of approval from Beiber and Mendes and all the inevitable remixes to follow, it’s unlikely that anything will stop “One Dance” from being this year’s song of the summer.

Check out the clips below!