Justin Bieber Got Roasted, Now What?

The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber finally aired last night and we put all the gifiest moments together. Throughout the evening we laughed, we laugh-cried, and then we felt really bad for Justin Bieber. Until we didn’t.

Now that the final embers of the roast have flickered out, it’s time to look at Bieber’s next move in his career.

Get To Work

Justin has confirmed that his new album will be produced by Kanye West and Rick Rubin, which shows that 15th chances can still be pretty amazing. JB, get to the studio, soak in all the genius you can from these two producers, make the best album of your career, and hope it’s enough to wipe people’s memories from the past two years.

Life Is Good

Last night’s Roast was a bloodbath and the entire world felt bad for Justin Bieber. Well, we did, until he the took the mic and told us to feel bad for him. That’s not how it works. Telling us you’re a kind-hearted person means zippo. Take your lumps, say sorry, and then show us you’ve changed with your actions.

Stay Cool With Ellen

Everyone loves Ellen. No one does not love Ellen. Stay cool with Ellen and you’ll be cool with everyone and their mom.

Make Better Friendship Choices

During his apology tour, Justin has mentioned the people he surrounds himself with. It’s time to reevaluate friendships. People with no jobs that want to drive your cars? Bad. People who have worked their way up in the industry, created their own show and are here to work and have fun on their own dime? Good.

Get Back With The Beliebers

It’s where it all started and it’s where it will continue.