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Justin Bieber Is Morphing Into Ryan Gosling And We Have The Pics To Prove It

Bieberling Main

Over the past five years, the passing of time has been marked by one thing and one thing only – new hairstyles on Justin Bieber.

Future generations will look back at our photos and turn them over to read the words, “shag”, “swoop”, “flip” and “first bleach,” and cross reference the Bieber style with the year.

We are now entering the ‘second bleach’ era for young Bieber or how we’d like to refer to it, the Gosling of Justin Bieber. This may be our favourite era yet.

While performing on the Today Show this morning, Justin revealed a new look that gave us some serious flashbacks.

Here’s Justin this morning.

1 Pines

He’s Ryan Gosling in 2013’s The Place Beyond The Pines.

2 Pines

Biebs this AM.

3 Pines

Ry-Gos in Pines.

4 Pines

Justin’s real questionable tattoos.

5 Pines

Ryan’s fake questionable tattoos.

6 Pines

Justin pulling off a look no one else can.

Pines 7

Except for Ryan.

Pines 8

We’re pretty sure Biebs knew exactly who he was channeling with this new ‘do. That’s a knowing look if we’ve ever seen one.

Pines 9

Are Justin Bieber and Ryan Gosling morphing into the same person?

Pines 10

We approve. Additionally…dayum.

Pines 11