Justin Bieber Leaks New Song, Immediately Deletes All Evidence Of Its Existence Online


Beliebers, it’s your time to rejoice: Justin Bieber has shared a previously unreleased song called I’ll Be There – until it was taken off the web.

This R&B track, infused with smooth vocals and a catchy beat, was released on the pop star’s Vevo account with no promotion last night. Many fans are just finding out now, as there was zero hype surrounding the release of this track.

Details regarding the background of this song are undisclosed, including whether I’ll Be There was supposed to be released on Bieber’s latest album Purpose, which skyrocketed to the number one position on the Billboard 200 chart after its release last November, with hit singles What Do You Mean and Sorry.

The original Vevo post on Bieber’s official account has been taken down. Now, the majority of videos and reposts by fans featuring this track are being pulled off the web. So much mystery!

Fans initially seemed quite happy about this leaked song:

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