Watch Justin Bieber Perform New Track ‘Look At The Stars’

Look at the stars

It’s not easy being Justin Bieber. The young pop singer has come under attack recently after cancelling his Purpose Tour meet and greets, citing depression and a lack of energy as the root causes. Additionally, there have been rumours that keeping Bieber safe from overzealous fans has also been a cause for concern, with Justin having to deal with unwanted hair pulling and kissing.

Not cool, guys.

Thankfully, we have some good news coming out of the Purpose Tour today. After debuting his new song Insecurities in Portland, Oregon earlier this month, Bieber has now dropped a second track.

During last night’s concert in Fresno, California, Bieber pulled up a seat and grabbed his guitar to play a track called Look At The Stars. While it seems that Bieber is still working out the lyrics, it’s a sweet ballad that we could totally see working on the radio or in a movie soundtrack. Something Nicholas Sparks or John Green-ish for sure.

Check out Justin Bieber performing Look At The Stars below and prepare to swoon.