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Justin Bieber Releases Video For ‘I’ll Show You’ And Scares The Sh*t Out Of Us

I'll Show You Video Main

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has just released his latest video I’ll Show You off his upcoming fourth studio album Purpose and we have a bit of an issue.

The Skrillex-produced track has a laid back vibe, with Bieber spouting the reasons why the media and his fans should cut him some slack. Frankly, it’s difficult to concentrate on the content of the song when the video is causing us chest pains.

In the video just released today, Bieber enlists the help of director Rory Kramer to travel to Middle Earth and shoot what looks like a promo reel for his future career as a stunt man.

Here he is walking along what looks like a narrow path over a very steep drop.

Pic 1

Here is a shot showing us that what we thought was a steep drop is legit death.

Pic 2

Now Bieber is running around uneven grassy knolls with little to no regard for his ankle ligaments.

Pic 3

But why run on solid land when YOU CAN JUMP OFF THINGS.

Pic 4

When clothes get too boring, Bieber likes to play Russian Roulette with hypothermia.

Pic 5

Phew! Back to being bundled! Wait…

Pic 6

Is he sitting on the edge of a freaking cliff? No, he wouldn’t...

Pic 7


Pic 8

Okay, Biebs is back on lower elevation, but now he’s skateboarding sans helmet.

Pic 9

Now he’s skatingboarding sans road.

Pic 10

Disappointed to have survived the video thus far, Bieber takes to literally throwing himself down a hill.

Pic 11

“Oh goody, a wire fence to jump over” said no one ever who wasn’t running for their life.

Pic 12

Let’s try for hypothermia one more time.

Pic 13

Make that two more times.

Pic 14

Check out Justin Bieber in I’ll Show You while we start a #SaveJustin prayer circle.