Justin Bieber Sings His Favourite Shower Songs And Discusses His Nude Pic

Carpool Karaoke 2 Main

Justin Bieber is a new man.

Those doubting the Biebs has changed a lot in the past year, look no further than his latest Carpool Karaoke with The Late Late show host James Corden. Bieber first appeared in one of Corden’s famous carpool videos five months ago. At this time, Bieber was in the midst of his apology tour. Hoping to regain his legions of believers after a messy two years public embarrassments, Bieber was on edge. In the first Carpool video he’s guarded, still trying to be the cool popstar and not ready to let people in for fear of being rejected.

Now Bieber’s fourth studio album Purpose has officially been released and gone straight to number one. The Biebs is once again in the public’s favour and has been welcome back to the music industry with open arms.

Recording his second Carpool Karaoke skit with Corden this week, Bieber is noticeably more relaxed, joking around in a men’s clothing store and discussing his nude photo scandal with the British comedian.

Rather than stick to the usual Carpool Karaoke formula of only singing the artist’s songs, Corden and Bieber branch out, rapping Kanye West’s Stronger and singing Justin’s favorite shower song, Alanis Morissette’s Ironic. The two also discuss Justin’s favorite movie, The Notebook.

It’s official: we have died from cuteness overload. Goodbye cute, cute world.