Justin Bieber Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of His Jack Ü Collab ‘Where Are Ü Now’


Mon, July, 6 by


Last week, Jack Ü (Diplo and Skrillex) and Justin Bieber released a brand new music video for their stellar collab, Where Are Ü Now. The video is a super creative clip that features Bieber getting covered in a slew of different artwork flashing on the screen (thanks to some post-production magic). This collab also finds Bieber flexing his soulful vocals in the EDM realm, something that actually works out really well for all parties involved.

Today, Bieber has posted a behind-the-scenes video that shows us how the whole video came together. In the video, which you can see below, Bieber is mostly performing in an empty studio space, doing his own thing and occasionally breaking out a dance move or two because, as mentioned above, all the magic happens afterwards.

“It’s really artsy,” Bieber says to the camera. “Like, actually artsy — we have art being done in the background so they’re actually taking each frame and giving them to an artist and they’re all doing their own painting…I don’t even know how’s it’s gonna look. I just know it’s gonna look amazing.”

Well, for the finished version to see exactly how it turned out, jump below!