Kanye West Returns To Twitter In The Most Kanye Way

Kanye West, Twitter

It’s been almost one year since Kanye West signed off social media back in May, but this past weekend the full-time rapper and fashion designer, part-time philosopher, made his return to Twitter. West also reactivated his Instagram in February to post dozens of pictures of famous couples who have now split up, later deleting all the images and returning to radio silence. For now, we’ll enjoy West’s tweets while we have them.

On Friday, an interview with West was published in The Hollywood Reporter, with the celeb revealing he was currently working on a philosophy book called Break The Stimulation. West appeared to be touching on some of the concepts of his new book in his tweets, tweeting about capitalism and consumerism. Also, it kinda sounds like a quote off a Lululemon tote.

West also tweeted about shifting consciousness, something he appears to be doing with his upcoming fashion line.

West got sentimental with his tweets, remembering his friend and fashion professor Louise Wilson, who passed way in 2014.

West also shared a photo of his former brother-in-law Lamar Odom, who was famously married to Khloe Kardashian until 2016.

In addition to his new book, West also appears to be working on his next line for Yeezy, posting a picture of a boot he says he’s still working on.

Continuing his love for art, West is also brainstorming fonts for a new neck tattoo that will pay homage to his youngest child, Saint.

We’re feeling Option 2.

It’s good to have you back, Kanye.