Is Kanye West’s Comeback Finally Underway?

Kanye West

Welcome back, Mr. West! Four months after Kanye West ended his year-long self-imposed hiatus from performing, the rapper returned to the stage in November for a quick performance at Kid Cudi’s November 2017 Chicago show to perform a song from The Life of Pablo. This performance marked West’s first in a year, with his last performance the highly publicized November 2016 Sacramento concert, where West praised Donald Trump and called out Jay Z, Beyoncé, later cancelling the remainder of his tour following the now infamous 15-minute set.

This past weekend, West performed once again with Cudi, this time at the NBA All-Star Weekend event at the Adidas 747 Warehouse show. Once again, Kanye made his performance short, performing “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” before leaving the stage, but it’s a start.

In addition to returning to the stage, West has also recently returned to social media. On Valentine’s Day, the rapper and fashion designer posted on his Instagram account for the first time since May 2017. Uploading a Valentine’s Day card for wife Kim Kardashian West, The Life of Pablo singer then posted images of 50 real-life celebrities, many of whom are no longer together. Art?

West inexplicably deleted his Instagram account the following day, but with the artist spending this past year essentially radio silent, we’re taking this as a sign that West could be working on new material once again.

Kanye recently settled his $10 million lawsuit over his Saint Pablo cancelled tour, which ended abruptly in November 2016 and led to West being hospitalized for a breakdown.

In addition to his recent on-stage performance, West was also spotted in Los Angeles in January looking happy while on his way to a business meeting. Photographed outside the Yeezy warehouse in Calabasas, a smiling West and his MacBook quickly inspired a new set of memes, with the rapper hopefully holding a hard disc full of new music. We’d settle for a few beats at this point. A new album would require a firmer hold on the laptop.

Now, if Kanye can mend his friendship with Kid Cudi, here’s hoping that Jay Z and Beyoncé will be next on his list.