Kanye West Leaves Ellen Degeneres Speechless With His ‘Realness’

Kanye West on Ellen May 2016

Kanye West made a rare appearance on daytime television when he dropped by Ellen yesterday to discuss future children, asking Mark Zuckerberg for money, and how he plans to change the human race in the next 100 years.

It started off like any normal Ellen interview with laughter and light topics. When the topic of his Twitter escapades came up, he said he didn’t regret any of his tweets, but there is one tweet that he agreed did not belong:

West admitted it wasn’t the best idea to ask the creator of Facebook to lend him money over Twitter—mainly because Zuckerberg does not have a Twitter account. West re-iterated the fact that he needed the money to change the world. Once Ellen asked him what his “revolutionary” ideas were, a fuse sparked in West’s brain that caused his head to explode.

From there, he went on a stream-of-consciousness rant about career changes, bullying, entertaining the idea of working with Payless ShoeSource, Michael Jackson and the glass ceiling in the fashion industry.

Ellen stayed quiet throughout the whole rant, throwing side-eyes toward the camera. At the end of his exasperated speech, West ended it by apologizing: “I’m sorry daytime television. I’m sorry for the realness.”

Check out the realness and watch them play the 5 Second Rule together below and catch The Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday to Friday at 10am ET on CTV Two and 4pm ET on CTV.