Kanye West Takes On Rolling Stone and Billboard In Second Twitter Beef of 2016

Kanye Rolling Stone

It’s Kanye Season, which means the Chicago-born artist is only a few days away from releasing one of the greatest albums of all time. In preparation for such a historic event, West is out of the studio and onto his Twitter account, sitting on the edge of his keyboard ready to promote his album. And by ‘promote his album’ we mean get into Twitter beefs.

First, Kanye responded to Wiz Khalifa’s argument that West shouldn’t name his seventh studio album Waves. For his part, West rambled off a series of entertaining and eventually offensive tweets, which resulted in his ex Amber Rose getting involved and then patching things up with West’s wife, Kim Kardashian.

West has since sent out apology tweets, showing growth for a guy who used to storm award stages.

It appeared that West was done with Twitter beefs for the forseeable future, but that wouldn’t be very Kanye of him. After squashing things with Wiz, Kanye decided to troll Rolling Stone Magazine.

Like Rolling Stone, we also learned that Kanye likes mustard.

And that Kanye knows how to make Twitter polls.

Everyone was having fun voting until Billboard referred to the fake magazine cover as…fake. The nerve? We know that West has history of being very particular when it comes to semantics, but what should a not-real magazine cover be called?

Are these beefs just Kanye expressing his artistry or is he actually a genius for figuring out for to do album PR for free?