Kardinal Offishal Tells Jus Reign The Origins Of ‘T-Dot’


Before Drake was doing his part to put the ‘Six’ on the map and increase Canadian tourism, fellow Toronto-native Kardinal Offishal was rapping about his beautiful city.

Much Creator and fellow Torontonian Jus Reign recently took a ride around the city he calls home with Kardinal Offishal, one of Toronto’s greatest spokesman. His style is off the thermostat, plus he’s coming from the cold.

Kardi and Jus Reign spent the day exploring the city in a Hummer, a vehicle that became an iconic mode of transportation in Canada thanks to Kardi’s 2001 hit “BaKardi Slang.”

The song also gave way to the term ‘T-Dot’ when referencing Toronto, a happy accident that Kardi recalls during his recent car ride with Jus Reign. The five-time JUNO winner, four-time iHeartRadio MMVA winner and frequent WE Day supporter explained that while recording in Studio 306, a friend said the term ‘t-do-oh-dot’ in passing, instantly clicking with Kardi. A new slang was born. Actually, it was “BaKardi Slang.”

The two locals also discuss the best and worst places to drive in Toronto, as well as their hidden gems for food. We’re still waiting to find out whether Kardi’s suggestion for Indian food was too spicy for Jus Reign, as well as how many curbs he hopped while driving the Hummer.