Listen To Katy Perry’s New Single ‘Chained To The Rhythm’

It’s been four years since Katy Perry released her fourth studio album Prism, but in 2016, Perry dropped her inspirational single, “Rise,” and promised fans that she was back in the studio working on more new music.

The popstar made good on her word today, debuting the lyric video for her new single “Chained To The Rhythm.” Sharing vocals with Bob Marley’s son Skip, Perry wrote “Chained To The Rhythm” with Max Martin and Sia.

The reggae-influenced track is Perry’s call to arms for people to get engaged in their community, singing “Living our lives through a lens / Trapped in our white-picket fence / Like ornaments / So comfortable, we live in a bubble.”

Perry spoke at length in 2016 about her decision to get involved in politics and support Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Perry’s involvement in social change has continued following the election, with the superstar among one of the many celebs to attend the Women’s Day March in January.

To promote the single, Perry’s team chained disco balls to structures all over the world, including London, Paris and LA. We even went on a hunt to find the Canadian disco ball, which was chained outside Toronto City Hall in downtown Toronto (check out all the pics here).

The lyric video for “Chained To The Rhythm” dropped this morning, showing a person with very nimble hands caring for a hamster in their house, with the hamster spending their day watching another hamster on their wheel. Looks like Perry is trying to get us woke with tiny pots and pans.

The singer is expected to perform “Chained To The Rhythm” when she performs for the sixth time on the Grammy stage this Sunday.