Watch Kaytranada And River Tiber Fall In Love With Music In This Animated Short


Kaytranada is on his way to becoming a household name and changing the music game. His debut album 99.9% has already earned him this year’s Polaris Prize and legions of devoted fans. The Canadian musician may only be 24, but in addition to his stunning debut, he’s released a number of originals and remixes and worked with artists like Vic Mensa, Craig David, Aluna George and Anderson .Paak.

Another artist Kaytranada has hit the studio with it River Tiber, who appeared on 99.9%. The Toronto native first hooked up with Montreal’s Kay over a plate of sushi and the rest is musical history.

As part of the Red Bull Music Academy’s new series, The Junction, Kaytranada and River Tiber shared their first experience with music and how they ended up in the studio together.

Thanks to illustrations from Montreal artist Hamish Lambert, the two musicians had their memories brought to life, from watching Michael Jackson at the Super Bowl to learning about beats through Haitian mixtapes. The Crayola-inspired animations are the perfect pairing for the childhood stories, adding a visual element to memories of diving in and coming alive thanks to the wondrous world of music.

Check out the latest episode of The Junction featuring Kaytranada and Riber Tiber below and click here for more episodes.