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There’s A New Trailer For Keanu Featuring Only Kittens


Okay, so it’s not technically a new trailer, but close enough. It’s actually a condensed (and censored) version of the red band trailer. But now, we don’t have to waste our time watching those pesky humans rob all the glory from the real stars of the film Keanu—the cats. It could really only be better if all the kittens were puppies. Because kittens are okay and all, but they aren’t puppies.

The new trailer marks one final week of painful waiting until Keanu hits theatres on April 29. And what better way to get you over that hump than with this glorious addition to the video archives? Key and Peele, along with the rest of the cast are swapped out for adorable kittens. So what did they do with Keanu, our feline friend? Well, the only character that is actually a cat is instead played by a stuffed kitten.

This trailer has it all: Kittens in sweaters, kittens in bandannas, kittens in wigs, kittens on stripper poles and of course, kittens shooting guns. Surprisingly, it doesn’t feature any kittens jumping onto tables or countertops and shedding on your food.

If you have a bad case of the Mondays or just generally want to smile then this trailer is definitely for you. And if you watch it and naturally think, “I need to go to L.A. to check out where the 17th Street Blips perform all their gang activities,” then you can enter our contest here.

And if you aren’t a cat person, watch this GIF of a puppy for two minutes.