Kesha Surprises Fans With ‘We R Who We R’ And ‘Praying’ Videos

One month after sharing a video of her performing “Woman” at the Hollywood Palladium theatre in Los Angeles, Kesha has released two more videos from that same Hollywood Palladium show (one of many shows she put on as part of her Rainbow Tour) as a gift to her fans.

In the first video, Kesha performs her 2010 hit “We R Who We R” in front of thousands of adoring and receptive admirers, many of whom decided to decorate their faces with glitter à la Kesha in the original music video. Decked out in black pants and a shiny gold top, Kesha closes her eyes and motions for the crowd to keep cheering before launching into the upbeat self-acceptance anthem.

Kesha rocks out and bounces around the stage beneath flashing multi-coloured lights before pausing to tell the audience that she’s “sick and tired of bully motherfuckers trying to make us feel like we shouldn’t be ourselves” and that “We R Who We R” is about refusing to “stand for discrimination of any kind.” Then, just for kicks, she urges the crowd to put up their middle fingers “’cause it’ll just look really pretty.” Everyone, of course, obliges.

One rousing guitar solo and a primal rock-star scream later, Kesha confidently and triumphantly struts off stage, projecting an energy much different than the one she gives off during her “Praying” performance. The “Praying” video cuts back and forth between shots of Kesha shrouded in white light and shot of dozens of her enthralled fans. “I don’t know what I did in a past life to deserve you guys,” Kesha admits before delivering a performance worthy of all the accolades and recognition she’s received over the past year. Kesha absolutely pours her heart and soul into “Praying” whenever she sings it, and the Palladium performance was no exception.

The message “For my Animals: Your spirit is what I live for” appears on screen at the very end of the “Praying” video, suggesting that Kesha released two new videos to apologize for having to cancel several upcoming Rainbow Tour dates after tearing her ACL during a recent show in Dubai. “Moving these dates is making me sick with sadness, but I tried to will this injury away and unfortunately it didn’t work,” Kesha explained in an Instagram post, later sharing a photo of her injured knee.

Kesha also mentioned wanting to be physically and mentally prepared for her upcoming Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore tour, which is set to kick off on June 6 in Phoenix, Arizona and hit Toronto on July 16. Kesha will be donating one dollar from every tour ticket sold to RAINN (Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network), an American organization that strives to support and protect those affected by sexual assault.

There’s a chance that Kesha’s remaining Rainbow Tour dates (which include stops in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan) will still be rescheduled. But until they do, we suggest that everyone keep this “Praying” video on repeat to help get them through during this very difficult and emotionally taxing time.