Kesha’s LGBTQ Video For ‘I Need A Woman To Love’ Will Make You Emotional

In her new video for “I Need A Woman To Love,” Kesha is reminding fans (as if we forgot) why we love her so much. Never choosing between being a rock star and an advocate, Kesha continues to be both at once, with her new gritty, hard-hitting rock track an ode to love for the LGBTQ community. Yas kween. Recorded for the Universal Love album, a new record comprised of previously released love songs that have been remade to be more inclusive, Kesha joins Bob Dylan, Valerie June, Kele Okereke, St. Vincent, and Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard as one of the artists featured in the new collection. For her part, Kesha re-works Janis Joplin’s “I Need A Man To Love” as “I Need A Woman To Love,” giving women in same-sex relationships a song that represents them.

Keeping the love going with the video, Kesha travelled to Las Vegas to officiate the wedding between Dani and Lindsay at the Bellagio Hotel. “People should be able to love whoever they want to love,” says Kesha at the beginning of the video. “That’s what love is.”

The video shows Dani and Lindsay preparing for their big day, with the song taking a back seat to the ceremony, which includes the couple delivering beautiful vows and Kesha pronouncing them married. Oh yeah, we cried.

The newlyweds, who were married on March 26, the two-year anniversary of the first same-sex marriage licensed issued in the U.S., also share their dreams for the future generation in the video, saying they hope the LGBTQ youth growing up now will find themselves in a world where marriage is always an option and coming out is no longer a necessary or scary life event.

The video for “I Need A Woman To Love” was directed by Kesha’s brother Lagan Serbert and is the coolest wedding video we’ve ever seen.

Kesha is heading out tour this summer with Macklemore, who has also been a huge supporter of the LGBTQ community. His breakthrough single “Same Love” with Ryan Lewis resulted in a few same-sex engagements at concerts over the years. As revealed in her new video, Dani and Lindsay’s wedding is the third gay wedding Kesha has officiated, so who knows. Macklemore and Kesha may have a wedding business set up by the end of the tour.