Kevin Hart Wins Over Canada’s Heart With Unforgettable Stand-Up Set

Recently voted as Canada’s favourite in SnackableTV’s first original and interactive series, JokeOff, at 5’4, Kevin Hart may be short, but his jokes certainly stand tall.

In association with Just For Laughs, SnackableTV launched JokeOff, utilizing an in-app voting feature allowing users to vote for their favourite stand-up set. Curated with the top sets from the Just For Laugh comedy archives, the battle featured content from comedians like Dave Chappelle, Jeff Foxworthy, Joan Rivers, Don Rickles, and––you guessed it, Kevin Hart.

After weeks of voting, the Canadian public finally crowned Hart as the King of the North (sorry Drake?) in the final round against Zack Galifianakis. The final vote was extremely tight, in which the well-rounded talent beat out his competition by a mere 53 per cent, proving that Kevin Hart really is 4 real.

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Upon its creation, SnackableTV became Canada’s exclusive home for Hart’s Laugh Out Loud comedy streaming service, making the comedian’s JokeOff win somewhat ironic.

As the win seems, well…sort of perfect, check out this video of Kevin Hart being his authentic comedic self with Tiffany Haddish on one of the LOL Network’s comedy shows, Kevin Hart: What The Fit. We assure you, Hart is more than deserving of his new JokeOff title. Hint: skip to the 5:25 minute-mark if you’re curious to see how Hart handles himself on a pair of roller skates.

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