Kiesza Remembers Her Crazy Night in Ibiza with Skrillex & Diplo


Diplo and Skrillex are probably the two electronic musicians your mom knows. They are super famous. So we couldn’t be more proud that our Canadian girl Kiesza was the person that united them in music. Kind of. When she was at Much recently she recalled the time when she turned from fan to friend.

“I was in Ibiza and I was in a green room and I saw Skrillex walk in and he noticed me and he actually came up to me and I was like, ‘Wait? Is he coming up to me? This is weird,'” she said. “He approached me and just was telling me how he was a big fan of my work.”

He then introduced his friend, Diplo, another big fan! The guys went to her show and the whole group went out for sushi together.

“Skrillex was like, ‘Hey I’ve got a studio set up in my room. Lets just go write something and see what happens,'” she recalled. “The way that this all came together it created their first song for Jack Ü. It was so spontaneous which is why it was so great.”

Check out the rest of the interview below where Kiesza talks about the spontaneity of “Hideaway” and the careful planning of “Giant In My Heart.”

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