Kim Kardashian And Amber Rose Just Broke The Internet In The Best Way

Kim and Amber

The latest installment in the Kanye West/Wiz Khalifa Twitter war has arrived and it’s the best outcome we could have asked for.

After Wiz Khalifa began attacking Kanye West on Twitter for naming his new album Waves, West retaliated in the most Kanye-way possible, sending off a series of nonsensical tweets before going too far and attacking Khalifa’s son, as well and Wiz and Kanye’s mutual ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose.

Understandably, Rose got involved once her son was dragged into the conversation. West and Rose exchanged jabs, spilling personal details about their relationship, including favorite sexual acts. Oh yeah, they went there.

West has since deleted many of the tweets, but did leave two very telling posts on his timeline. On Friday, West tweeted he and wife Kim Kardashian have love that can turn exes into best friends.

The rapper and fashion designer also posted a message that’s Kanye-speak for an apology, allowing common sense to prevail in the end. Dang Yeezy, don’t talk about kids!

It would appear that in addition to being his hype woman, Kardashian is also West’s peacemaker. Along with Rose, the two mothers found some common ground that doesn’t involve slamming people on social media, instead posting the same picture of the two women posing together. Cool move, ladies. Cool move.

Tea anyone?

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Model Amber Rose has been working tirelessly over the past few years to fight for women’s rights and put an end to slut-shaming, with this recent effort yet another example of Rose pushing women to ban together and not attack one another.

Rose is set to appear next week in Toronto to host an All-Star party with Blac Chyna, who also has a long history with the Kardashian family. A former friend of Kim’s, Chyna is now dating Robert Kardashian, a shocking move considering she cut ties with the family after Tyga, the father of her child, began dating Kylie Jenner. We’ll wait and see whether Amber Rose can work two miracles in one month.