Meet The New And Very High-Profile ‘Kingsman’ Cast


2014’s Kingsman: The Secret Service had no shortage of star power, from leading men Taron Egerton and Colin Firth to supporting characters like Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Caine, and Star Wars’ Mark Hamill. But Kingsman agents are never ones to rest on their laurels.

In Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Eggsy (Egerton) meets the members of Statesman, Kingsman’s whiskey-making (and drinking), American equivalent. The Statesman agents, an offputtingly gleeful villain, and a pop music legend make up just some of the many familiar faces you might recognize when The Golden Circle comes out on Friday. Here are some hints as to what you can expect from each of them.



Yep, you read that right. Statesman agents all have beverage-inspired codenames, and Tatum’s Agent Tequila just so happens to be the first Statesman we meet. Tequila loves his cowboy hats, he loves talking tough, and he (ironically) loves his whiskey. Tequila’s arguably the most stubborn and skeptical Statesman, but you’ll eventually see him warm up and accept the fact that Kingsman agents—despite the fact that they spell whiskey without an “e”—aren’t all bad. Plus, as you might have already seen, Tequila’s got some moves.



Poppy is quirky, peppy, loves ’50s culture, and runs her very own village complete with a salon, a diner, and a fully functioning bowling alley. She’s also the leader of the titular Golden Circle and the mastermind behind a scheme to permanently shut down the War on Drugs. We loved seeing Moore take a turn as the calculating, underhanded President Coin in the final two Hunger Games films, but the childlike Poppy is a much different kind of villain than Coin—one we’d honestly like to see Moore play more often.



Berry plays Ginger Ale, who’s basically to Statesman as Merlin (Mark Strong) is to Kingsman. Ginger gives us straight-up Penelope Garcia vibes—she’s smart, she’s a tech wiz, and she refuses to be treated as less than despite the fact that she doesn’t work out in the field like her fellow agents. Seeing Berry play a character who’s so calm and collected is jarring at first (Storm and Catwoman weren’t exactly chill). But after we watched Ginger masterfully oversee a complex and dangerous mission from behind a computer screen, we were sold.



Whiskey is brash, impulsive, and rowdy, and he doesn’t care who knows it. (Case in point: he’s owns and uses a novelty car horn). He can also do more with a lasso and a glass of bourbon than we thought was even possible. You might recognize Pascal from Game of Thrones or Narcos, but the sensitive yet strong-willed Whiskey couldn’t be more different from both Oberyn Martell and Javier Peña.



Agent Champagne aka “Champ” is the head of Statesman. He’s also what would happen if The Dude moved to Kentucky to become a spy. He’s 1,000 times more laid back than Kingsman leader Arthur ever was, but somehow he manages to keep Statesman running smoothly despite a few minor (and major) setbacks.



Up until now, details about the English singer’s role in The Golden Circle have been kept pretty hush-hush. We won’t spoil too much other than to say that Sir Elton steals every scene he’s in and that at one point, he actually gets to partake in a bit of hand to hand combat. We’ll never be able to listen to Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting in quite the same way again.


Catch Kingsman: The Golden Circle in theatres today.