This Is How Many Lady Gaga Songs We’re Getting In ‘A Star Is Born’

Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, A Star Is Born

As we get closer to the October 5 opening date of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s remake of A Star Is Born, more details of the highly anticipated new film are coming to light. Just announced this week, the official soundtrack listing for the film is here and you can bet we’re going to study it for all the Gaga goodness we can find.

The new soundtrack includes 34 (yasss!) songs, with 15 of the tracks comprised of dialogue from the film. Covers of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and “La Vie En Rose” will be featured in the film, but for the most part the latest interpretation of the 1937 classic includes original songs written by Cooper and Gaga. The pair weren’t alone in the studio, teaming up with Gaga’s Joanne producer Mark Ronson on the album, which also features Julia Michaels, Justin Tratner, and Diane Warren as songwriters. Cooper, who also co-wrote and directed the film, insisted on live singing only, so prepare yourself for a soundtrack packed full of goose bump moments.

For all the Little Monsters waiting to find out how much Lady Gaga they’ll get in the new film, the pop star has eight solo songs, five duets with Cooper, and possibly 15 dialogue tracks (it’s unclear how many of these songs include Gaga). In conclusion, we’re about to get a whole lot of Gaga and we can’t wait.

The album has some big shoes to fill, with the soundtrack for the 1976 remake starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson selling four million copies. Fans have already had a sneak peek of the film’s new music, with the songs “Maybe It’s Time” and “Shallow” both played in the trailer. As for early reviews, A Star Is Born premiered at the Venice Film Festival this week and overall was greeted with praise. And let’s be real—we all want to see and hear Lady Gaga on the big screen.

The soundtrack for A Star Is Born is set to be released when the film hits theatres on October 5.

1. Intro – Cast
2. Black Eyes – Bradley Cooper
3. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Dialogue) – Cast
4. Fabulous French (Dialogue) – Cast
5. La Vie En Rose – Lady Gaga
6. I’ll Wait For You (Dialogue) – Cast
7. Maybe It’s Time – Bradley Cooper
8. Parking Lot (Dialogue) – Cast
9. Out of Time – Bradley Cooper
10. Alibi – Bradley Cooper
11. Trust Me (Dialogue) – Cast
12. Shallow – Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper
13. First Stop, Arizona (Dialogue) – Cast
14. Music To My Eyes – Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper
15. Diggin’ My Grave – Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper
16. I Love You (Dialogue) – Cast
17. Always Remember Us This Way – Lady Gaga
18. Unbelievable (Dialogue) – Cast
19. How Do You Hear It? (Dialogue) – Cast
20. Look What I Found – Lady Gaga
21. Memphis (Dialogue) – Cast
22. Heal Me – Lady Gaga
23. I Don’t Know What Love Is – Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper
24. Vows (Dialogue) – Cast
25. Is That Alright? – Lady Gaga
26. SNL (Dialogue) – Cast
27. Why Did You Do That? – Lady Gaga
28. Hair Body Face – Lady Gaga
29. Scene 98 (Dialogue) – Cast
30. Before I Cry – Lady Gaga
31. Too Far Gone – Bradley Cooper
32. Twelve Notes (Dialogue) – Cast
33. I’ll Never Love Again (Film Version) – Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper
34. I’ll Never Love Again (Extended Version) – Lady Gaga