Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Sing And Fall In Love In These Clips From ‘A Star Is Born’

A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper

We’re less than one month away from the October 5 release of A Star Is Born and with the film having festival screenings at the Venice Film Festival and TIFF, early reviews are promising that Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut is worth the hype. Yas Mother Monster.

The latest remake of the 1937 Oscar-winning film by the same name, the 2018 version of A Star is Born stars Cooper as Jackson Maine, a once popular musician who is losing his career to substance abuse. His life does a 180 when he discovers Ally, played by Lady Gaga, a promising singer and songwriter who is on the verge of quitting music altogether. The two find success together both as a couple and as a musical duet, but when Ally’s success begins to outshine Jackson’s career, their romantic future is thrown into jeopardy.

In anticipation of A Star Is Born, Warner Brothers has now released four clips from the film that show off Cooper and Lady Gaga’s undeniable chemistry. Plus, every performance is sung live. This film is gonna make us feel all the things.

In the first video, Gaga and Cooper sit in the parking lot of a grocery store and discuss a new song Gaga’s character Ally is writing. Performing the chorus from “Shallow” a capella, Gaga’s vocals fill the scene, which cuts to shots from the film, including footage filmed at Coachella in 2017. “Shallow” is one of the two songs heard in the film’s trailer, which was released on June 6.

In the second scene, Ally explains that she doesn’t perform the songs she writes because of criticism she’s received from people in the music industry about her looks, with the focus often placed on her nose. The scene is a nod to Barbara Streisand, who won a Golden Globe in 1976 for playing Gaga’s character. Cooper’s gravelled-voice Jackson then tells Ally that he loves her nose before delivering a speech about why it’s important for Ally to use her voice in a way that makes people listen. Now *that’s* how you pick someone up at a bar.

The third sneak peek opens with Cooper’s Jackson performing “Maybe It’s Time,” which is the second song performed in the official trailer for A Star Is Born. The clip also includes actor Sam Elliott, who plays Bobby Maine, Jackson’s older brother and manager. Elliott, who is a perfect match for Cooper with the same rich and weathered voice, delivers a poetic explanation of life and music paired down to 12 octaves. Everything sounds cool when Sam Elliott says it.

The final video opens with Dave Chappelle, who plays Noodles, Jackson’s friend and retired musician, pulling a drunken Jackson off the sidewalk. The two men have a heart to heart, with Noodles telling Jackson that he thinks Ally is the person who can give the floundering musician a purpose once again.

The four teasers don’t include any music in addition to the two songs previously teased in the trailer for A Star Is Born, but with the full tracklist for the soundtrack released earlier this week, we know there are many more original songs to be heard in the actual film. Cooper and Gaga were both involved in writing the soundtrack, which also features Julia Michaels, Lukas Nelson, Mark Ronson, and Hillary Lindsey, with the latter two working on Gaga’s fifth studio album Joanne.

A Star Is Born will be released in theatres on October 5.