Listen To Lady Gaga’s ‘Is That Alright?’ From ‘A Star Is Born’

A Stars Is Born, Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper

It’s tough to decide whether we’re more excited about the film or the soundtrack for A Star Is Born, but thankfully we don’t have to choose. We can be excited for both.

With a soundtrack that includes 15 original songs, there’s a good chance the 2018 version of A Star Is Born will dominate the acting and music categories at the Oscars much like its 1976 predecessor. We’ve already heard snippets of two new songs, including “Shallow” and “Maybe It’s Time,” with both tracks playing during the film’s trailer. Now the latest clip promoting the upcoming Bradley Cooper-directed remake of A Star Is Born includes a new song featuring Lady Gaga and it’s a stunner.

“Is That Alright?” is performed with a soft piano accompaniment, with Gaga’s struggling singer Ally singing about the love story of her character and professional musician Jackson Maine, played by Cooper. Sharing the clip on her Twitter feed this week, Gaga sings, “I want you at the end of my life / I wanna see your face, wanna fall with grace / At the moment I die / Is that alright?”

It’s safe to say that fans are shook over the simple yet beautiful love song.

Gaga wrote “Is That Alright?” with her frequent collaborators Mark Nilan Jr., Nick Monson, DJ White Shadow, and Lukas Nelson. The new soundtrack also features contributions from Julia Michaels, as well as Mark Ronson and Hillary Lindsey, who worked on Gaga’s fifth album Joanne. Cooper, who sings in the film, also contributed to writing the soundtrack.

A Star Is Born hits theatres on October 5, with the soundtrack dropping the same day.