Everything We Know About Lady Gaga’s New Song ‘Perfect Illusion’

Perfect Illusion

It’s been three years since we’ve received a solo album from Lady Gaga and it looks like the pop drought may finally be coming to an end.

In 2013, Lady Gaga released her fourth solo album, Artpop, to lukewarm results. She followed up in 2014 with Cheek to Cheek, a duet album with Tony Bennett. Since then, Gaga has been busy starring in American Horror Story, winning Emmys, performing a David Bowie tribute at the Grammy Awards, getting (and un-getting) engaged, and continuing to be a kick-ass, charitable celeb. But where’s album numero 5 at? Today, we’re getting our first big clue.

The Mark Ronson-produced album was slated to be released this year, but thanks to recent comments from Elton John, we now know that it won’t hit the airwaves until 2017. That may still be true, but it looks like the album’s lead single will be arriving in 2016.

Gaga made a surprise announcement via Instagram puzzle this morning, with a number of posts spelling out ‘Lady Gaga Perfect Illusion New Single September Perfect Illusion.’

So, what do we know? Lady Gaga has a new single called “Perfect Illusion” coming out next month and she likes to repeat herself. But, what else?

Perfect Illusion Announcement

Well, for starters, judging by this tweet from Mother Monster, Gaga’s upcoming fifth studio album will now be titled LG5.

Thanks to this Instagram post from Ronson, it looks like “Perfect Illusion” is a collaboration from himself and Gaga, as well as Bloodpop and Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, who are shown in this pic with Gaga, captioned “Illusion.”


A photo posted by Mark Ronson (@iammarkronson) on

At the same time this pic was posted, Ronson also posted a picture of Parker on the drums with the caption ‘Crash,’ leading to speculation that a second LG5 track could be titled that.


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Just announced this week, Gaga has been slated to star opposite Bradley Cooper in the upcoming remake of A Star Is Born. Additionally, Tony Bennett has said he would like to work on a Cheek To Cheek sequel with Gaga, so there is a possibility the jazz standards of the two projects could bleed into “Perfect Illusion” and LG5.

But really, we just want a new album from Gaga.