Lady Gaga Premieres New Track ‘Million Reasons’


Lady Gaga surprised the Nashville audience at her first Dive Bar Tour show last night by premiering her new song “Million Reasons.” Following “Perfect Illusion,” this new track is the second single released off her upcoming album Joanne, set to drop Oct 21. Shortly after the concert, Gaga made the track available to stream for fans who have pre-ordered the album.

The country-pop ballad features Gaga singing emotional verses backed by soft acoustic instrumentals. “I’ve got a hundred million reasons to walk away/ But baby, I just need one good one to stay,” sings Gaga in the chorus.

The track was co-written by one of Nashville’s biggest country songwriters, Hilary Lindsey. Lindsey teamed up with Gaga on two other Joanne tracks “Grigio Girls” and “A-Yo.” Joanne is also set to feature guest artists Florence + The Machine and Father John Misty.

In an interview with Yahoo Music, Gaga described “Million Reasons” as a blend of country, funk and rock ‘n’ roll. “You would never imagine it would sound that way…the feeling underneath the record is it’s almost got like a little bit of a hip-hop feeling. But at the same time, it’s not a hip-hop song. It’s kind of like I just had no boundaries making music…and neither do any of the other people we were working with. It was kind of like what feels right, what hits the best, what’s going to get everybody in their stomach and their heart.”

Pre-order for Joanne starts today off her website, while the three-date intimate Dive Bar Tour continues, with shows on Oct.20th and Oct.27th.

Listen to “Million Reasons” below.