Lady Gaga Takes Over The Late Late Show And Carpool Karaoke


Lady Gaga has been everywhere lately and that includes the front seat of James Corden’s car. Gaga dropped her highly anticipated fifth studio album Joanne on Friday and is celebrating the new disc by making her first appearance on Carpool Karaoke with The Late Late Show‘s James Corden.

The two entertainers made their way through the streets of LA, with Corden questioning Gaga on the lyrics of “Bad Romance.” Apparently that “Ra-ra-rararara” is the singer stretching out the word ‘romance.’ But, did anyone in the recording studio question her? “They don’t get to do that, because I’m the boss.” Boom.

Mixed in with a lot of f-bombs and a few middle fingers, Gaga and Corden took on Mother Monster’s extensive discography of hits, including “Perfect Illusion,” “Born This Way,” “Edge of Glory,” “Million Reasons,” “Poker Face,” and “Bad Romance,” with the last two taking only ten minutes to write.

The two carpoolers practiced vocal warm ups, discussed Gaga’s extensive collection of Michael Jackson’s clothes, prepared for the Super Bowl, and took a walk down fashion-memory lane with Corden displaying his favourite Gaga looks.

Gaga also shared one of her most recent achievements, which put her in the drivers seat, literally. Even with all her professional accomplishments, it was getting her driver’s license a few months ago that brought Gaga’s father to tears. The new achievement led to a Carpool Karaoke first, with Corden relinquishing driving rights to Gaga. But only for a little while. She’s still a newbie.

Gaga’s appearance didn’t end when Corden arrived at work. The singer stuck around for the entire show, taking over the monologue, performing with Reggie Watts and The Late Late Show house band, and asking Matt LeBlanc the ultimate Friends question – Monica or Rachel?

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