Lady Gaga Surprises Fans With Shocking New Video For ‘John Wayne’

If you thought Lady Gaga’s “Perfect Illusion” and “Millions Reasons” signalled the end of her outrageous and over-the-top music videos, think again. The pop star just dropped her third video from 2016’s Joanne with the violent, sexy, daring and totally Gaga “John Wayne.”

While most artists with Gaga’s schedule would use this week as a breather (Gaga had one of the highest-rated Super Bowl halftime performances ever this past Sunday and was just announced as a performer for this week’s Grammy Awards), this pop star knows to strike while the iron is hot. The singer surprised fans by dropping the brand new music video, which is now streaming exclusively on Apple Music.

Mother Monster is back in full force in “John Wayne,” riding a motorcycle in a skin-baring leather jumpsuit, racing beat up cars that look like circus vehicles, and turning her red platform boots into a rifle.

Just as “Million Reasons” began at the end of the “Perfect Illusion” video, “John Wayne” picks up at the end of Gaga’s “Million Reasons,” with the singer wearing her pink suit and matching fedora as she laments about the men in her life going too slowly. The contemplative and emotional side of Gaga remains with “Million Reasons”—in its place is Gaga’s trademark high-energy showmanship filling up every scene of “John Wayne,” which is a barrage of images of sex and violence, with Gaga taking a few beer bottles to the head in-between dance numbers, car crashes and death scenes.

The new video has Gaga once again teaming up with director Jonas Akerland, who was behind the camera for “Paparazzi” and “Telephone,” two of Gaga’s most iconic and controversial videos. We have a feeling “John Wayne” will quickly be joining these visual masterpieces in the musical video hall of fame.

As for the song’s namesake, John Wayne makes a quick appearance at the end of the video, with Gaga showing off a picture of the famed actor and cowboy fastened to the back of her guitar.

Check out a clip of Lady Gaga’s new video for “John Wayne” below, streaming exclusively on Apple Music.