Lana Del Rey Unveils Her ‘Lust For Life’ Album Artwork

Lana Del Rey is excited about her new album. At least, that’s how it seems from her music video, trailer, live performances and, now, album artwork. After four albums of unleashing beautifully melancholic anthems with an air of summertime sadness that lasts year round, Del Rey is ready for a new phase of her career. It’s the happy phase.

Del Rey returned to the charts with “Love” in February, which is the first single from her upcoming fifth studio album Lust For Life. Co-writing “Love” with acclaimed songwriters Rick Nowels and Emile Haynie, who also co-produced the new single with Benny Blanco, Lana followed up the song with an equally optimistic music video.

Teaming up with director Rich Lee, Lana stays true to her flower child aesthetic in “Love,” smiling and looking happy throughout the dreamy video that jumps back and forth between earth and space.

Teens and adults fall in love and fall through the galaxy in “Love,” where cars and people float around the atmosphere as Lana and her band play a set on the moon. While the new video features Del Rey’s first foray into sci-fi, the singer’s love of grainy filters and bouffant hairstyle keeps the video from feeling totally foreign to the persona fans have come to expect.

Less than a month after releasing “Love,” Lana performed the single live for the first time at SXSW in Austin, looking relaxed and confident on stage.

Even with the new video and first performance, fans were still unsure as to when Del Rey would release her follow-up to 2015’s Honeymoon. The answer sort of came at the end of March, when Del Rey released a film noir-inspired trailer for her fifth studio album, Lust for Life.

The new album, which features an appearance from Del Rey’s frequent collaborator The Weeknd, now has a new cover image.

Posting the album to her Instagram page today, a joyful looking Del Rey stands smiling in a white lace dress with daisies accessorizing her long brown hair. Del Rey’s love of the 1970s is apparent in every aspect of the photo, from the vintage truck used as her backdrop to the album font.

Del Rey still has yet to reveal the exact date Lust For Life will arrive, but fans will be ready and smiling when it does.

Lust for Life Album cover

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