Last-Minute Halloween Inspiration From Our Creators


There’s officially three more days until Halloween. Time’s running out and if you’re out of ideas and scrambling for costume inspiration then our creators have got your back. Here are a few tutorials you can consult for inspo just in time for Halloween!

Ice Queen Makeup and Crown Tutorial
Tasha Leelyn shows us how she creates this amazing Ice Queen costume. She uses white eyeliner, eyeshadows and lipsticks to make up her face. The crown is made of only a few items from the dollar store. The end result is chilling.

Skull Makeup Tutorial
Allegra Louise walks us through how she recreated a popular skull makeup look. This is a super easy last-minute costume you can throw together. Wear with an all black outfit and you’re good to go.

Snow White Costume Tutorial
Camille Co goes Disney Princess for this video. She teaches us how to do a Snow White hairstyle and makeup look to go with her costume.

How to Rainbow Snapchat Face Paint
If you want to do the Snapchat rainbow face makeup, Dan James’ tutorial is probably not the one to watch for perfect instructions. But if you’re looking to be entertained, then watch on…