Leave The Knowles Family Alone


Thu, May, 15 by

I am arguably one of the biggest Beyonce fans in this office. I practice the Single Ladies dance when I’m bored, I’ve watched her music videos and documentaries a bunch of times and I spent the better part of December, January and February listening to the pop star’s latest self-titled album, which was the best Christmas gift of all. Clearly, I want to know everything about her then and that love extends to her husband Jay Z and sister Solange. But when it comes to their latest controversial elevator tiff, I want nothing to do with it.

The news of its video was shocking. This is a family of stars who grew up before our eyes, yet maintained a privacy we were never able to invade. Beyonce is her own manager nowadays and she even executive produced her HBO documentary. What we see of the star is all controlled by her, everything is a product being put out by Bey.

In recent years, we’ve gotten more tidbits from her life, thanks to a constant feed of photos from her popular Tumblr and Instagram accounts, but what we’re really getting are beautifully-approved photos showing off a persona and image that we’ve come to associate with Beyonce the person, not the celebrity. Surely there are overlaps between the two, but there is certainly much more behind the scenes that we as fans are not privy to.

So we come back to the video again. I didn’t want to click the link, but I did and I was thoroughly upset when I finished the clip. The full three-minute video finds Bey’s sis Solange physically attacking Jay Z in a fit of rage. About what, we’re still not sure as the video was silent. But this created an onslaught of rumours and speculation. Where we once thought of these figures as pristine stars, we are now pouring through the tiny loophole of a flaw we’ve been presented with. Just last week, they were flawless; now, they are a can of worms being poured out to the media.

(Come on, guys. REALLY?)

Every day, there’s a new rumour and a new terrible punny headline to go with it. Guys, this is not something we should be making fun of. A human being tried to physically harm another and it was pretty effing serious, as you can see in the video. I understand this gave way to some pretty amusing memes, but these are people’s lives we’re tossing around as fodder for our news feed.

Until we hear from the stars themselves, I won’t be following the insane slew of news that’s coming out as a result of this. I don’t care who deleted what off of Instagram, who’s jewelry shopping and who got their tattooed removed. When Beyonce’s ready, if she ever chooses to acknowledge this at all, I’ll listen.