Lennon Stella Answers 10 Questions In 10 Minutes With Jaclyn Forbes

While at the Toronto stop of her Love Me North American Tour, Lennon Stella sat down with Much Creator Jaclyn Forbes to answer 10 Questions in 10 Minutes, discussing her relationship with her sister Maisy, her songwriting process, and the first concert she went to—which also happened to be Jaclyn’s first concert too.

Talking about the impact music had on her as a child, Stella says “My parents are music junkies, I mean obviously…I’m literally named after a Beatle.”

Stella released her EP Love, me last year, which featured pop earworm “Bad.” When asked about her bucket list, Stella says the top thing right now is to just create an album.

“For me, it’s literally just to make an album that I love with every fibre of my being,” she told Jaclyn.

Stella rose to fame as a cast member of Nashville, which she starred in alongside her sister Maisy. Now that they’re spending more time working on separate projects, Stella says that being apart has brought them closer together: “I feel like we’ve gotten so much tighter, now that we’ve had this time to blossom on our own without that pressure, it made us appreciate each other so much more.”

This summer, Stella will support the European leg of of Anne-Marie’s tour, and is later joining The Chainsmokers and 5 Seconds of Summer on their World War Joy tour. Watch the full interview below.