Leonardo Di-Histrio: A Timeline of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar History


When browsing your news feed this weekend in search of pre-Oscar show news, don’t be surprised when the only headline you find reads, ‘THIS IS LEO’S YEAR!’

The Internet has spoken, and the majority feels strongly about Leo nabbing the Oscar for his leading role in The Revenant (as they should). But if you’re among the few having doubts consider this—the man ate raw bison for the part when he was a devoted veggie. How’s that for method acting?

There’s a chance you’re sick of hearing about Leo’s year so let’s forget about The Revenant for a moment and reflect on all the times it could have been Leo’s year, but it wasn’t.

He stole our hearts right out the gate:

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape


Year: 1994
Age: 19
Lost to: Tommy Lee Jones, The Fugitive

And always managed to keep his chill after a loss:

The Aviator


Year: 2005
Age: 30
Lost to: Jamie Foxx, Ray

Even though we knew he was capable of showing such real emotion:

Blood Diamond


Year: 2007
Age: 32
Lost to: Forest Whitaker, Last King of Scotland

And after four losses, do you think he ever considered giving up?

The Wolf of Wall Street


Year: 2014
Age: 39
Lost to: Matthew McConaughey, The Dallas Buyers Club

This is Leo’s year people, and he won’t go down without a fight:

The Revenant


Year: 2016
Age: 41
Lost to: No one, hopefully.