We Have One Big Question About Liam Payne’s ‘Bedroom Floor’ Video

Liam Payne, Bedroom Floor, Music Video, Bella Thorne

New solo artist Liam Payne is staying busy on the charts, following up his sexy debut single “Strip That Down” with the equally sexy second track “Bedroom Floor.” Now the former boy bander has dropped his new video for “Bedroom Floor” starring actor Bella Thorne and we have one big question—is Liam supposed to be dead in this scenario?

The video follows Bella through her stunning California house as she weighs the pros and cons of dating a guy who appears to be the worst. One minute the couple is flirting and affectionate, and the next he’s making moves on another woman. It all feels like pretty standard music video stuff, but when it comes to Liam’s role, it seems to be a little less clear. The English singer follows Bella around through the house and in the club and we’re unsure whether he supposed to be her conscience or her dead boyfriend watching over her. Either way it’s a bit creepy.

The video almost reminds us of Justin Timberlake’s iconic “Cry Me A River,” but in that case we knew that Timberlake was alive and simply a stalker. Much easier to categorize.

One thing we do know for sure, in addition to the song being a jam, is that Liam stans are here for it.

They’re proud of Liam.


They’re proud of the female empowerment angle.

They may have been killed by his tattoos but it’s a price fans are willing to pay.

Some are calling it the greatest music video of all time.

It’s hot, y’all.