New Videos To See This Week Include Liam Payne, SonReal, PrettyMuch And More

The fall weather may be starting to show on the leaves and in the air, but thanks to a new crop of music videos this week, we can still dream about sun and sand. And lots of cute men.

From My Little Pony to a new boy band you can expect to see a lot of in the next year, here are five music videos (plus one big bonus) you have to see this week.

“Get Low,” Zedd feat. Liam Payne

On paper, the combination of hitmaker Zedd and former One Direction member Liam Payne Looks like a surefire way to create a smash single. Thankfully, the duo work in reality as well.

The pairs’ track “Get Low” is a high-energy earworm and for the video, it seemed fitting that the two musicians would take to the streets of London to get people dancing. Isn’t that the point of “Get Low?” Posting the new video on YouTube today, producer Zedd described the shooting process, writing “Liam and I decided to go to London and surprise fans with a street performance of “Get Low”. We both wore backpacks with speakers. Liam had a mic and I had a little keyboard. We went to the most public places we could imagine to perform this with cameras following us. We had a BLAST filming this and meeting all of u. We hope u have fun watching it.” We did.


“Rainbow,” Sia

Bronies, rejoice! Not only is Sia set to lend her voice to a pony in the upcoming My Little Pony film, due out in theatres on October 6, but the singer has also provided an original song for the soundtrack. Just released today, Sia teamed up once again with dancer Maddie Ziegler for the official music video for “Rainbow.” Of course, we always love seeing a performance from the talented young dancer, but it’s tough to compete with a tiny Sia pony featuring a Sia wig. It’s just so cute.


“Find You,” Nick Jonas

It seems like music video director Emil Nava has worked with every major pop artist in the past five years, including Ed Sheeran, Calvin Harris, Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, Camila Cabello, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez and Julia Michaels, but Nava had yet to add a Jonas to his list. Now the director has teamed up with Nick Jonas for the trance-inducing track “Find You,” a surprising and impressive departure from Jonas’ usual high energy pop tracks.

It’s difficult to not be distracted in “Find You,” from the Jaguar and Lyft product placements to the seemingly inexplicable gaping hole in the crotch of Jonas’ jeans (please don’t let this become the latest fashion trend). But the strong and evocative visuals of the Pismo beach desert, along with the underwater and fire scenes, manage to reel the viewer in time and time again. We’re right here if you’re trying to find us, Nick.


“Repo Man,” SonReal

What is it about deserts that make them the perfect setting for music videos? For SonReal’s latest release, the Canadian artist traveled to a hot climate for his spit-fire “Repo Man.” Working again with director and photographer Dane Collison, the pair took a break from the introspective vibe of “Problems” and “Potential” to return to the hilarious and straight-faced video style that has become synonymous with SonReal. It’s equal parts Trailer Park Boys, Breaking Bad and Romeo and Juliet. Totally legendary.


“Would You Mind,” PrettyMuch

If the sound of the debut single “Would You Mind” from hot new boy band PrettyMuch wasn’t enough to have you checking your calendar to see whether you traveled back to the early ’90s, their new music video will have you yearning for days of slap bracelets and neon fanny packs. The five piece ‘future One Direction’ have all the quintessential landmarks of a boy band music video in “Would You Mind.” They’re cute, they dance, they’re seemingly best friends, they hang out with pretty girls, they love to hang out in the rain, and they look different enough from one another that every fan can have a ‘favourite.’ Prepare for world domination from this new boy band. It’s PrettyMuch a given.


BONUS: “Good Old Days,” Macklemore feat. Kesha

Okay, so there’s not actually a music video yet for Macklemore and Kesha’s new collaboration “Good Old Day,” but it’s so beautiful that we’re hoping planting a music video seed may help it grow into a reality.