Liam Payne Previews Snippet of 1D song ‘Olivia’


Like going out on a school night, eating an entire bag of chips in one sitting and having a crush on a boy who already has a girlfriend, we all do things we know we shouldn’t.

Thankfully, One Direction golden boy Liam Payne does too. Last night, he previewed an eight-second clip teasing an unreleased song from their upcoming album Made In The A.M.

The clip, which he posted with the caption “I really shouldn’t be doing this…happy Thursday” shows the boy band member singing along with the new song in the back seat of a car. The track, titled Olivia is upbeat and poppy—we wouldn’t expect anything else.

Made In The A.M., slated to drop November 13, has the same release date at Justin Bieber’s Purpose, which has ignited a feud between two of the Internet’s largest and loyalest fan bases.

Bieber previously slammed the U.K. boy band, accusing them of leeching off his promotion of the album saying, “I think it was strategy on their part because my release date was first.”

And if releasing the same day as Bieber wasn’t enough pressure, it’s also the band’s fifth studio album and their first since the loss of bad boy Zayn Malik. 1D also plan to go on extended hiatus next March, with no concrete plans to regroup any time soon.

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