Lights Announces New Album And Comic ‘Skin & Earth’ With Teaser Video

It’s been three years since singer/songwriter Lights released her JUNO winning album Little Machines. Since then, the Canadian singer welcomed her first child and expanded her loyal fan base by touring the UK.

Now Lights is back with not only a new album announcement, but also the first comic from the cosplay-loving musician.

Combining two of her biggest loves, Lights dropped a teaser video this week announcing Skin & Earth, a new album and comic. The 30-second video shows a dystopian world with two main characters, including an animated version of the newly redheaded Lights. At one point in the video, Lights’ character appears to be in bed with a man that looks like the singer’s husband, Beau Bokan. The two hold hands at the close of the video, with Lights’ character displaying a symbolic tattoo on her arm. Cinematic music fills the background of the video while a message appears on the screen. “In the ruins of a bygone opulence, where humanity faces its final days, there lives a soul caught between where fear is fed and hope is lost. Something is found…”

Written and illustrated in full by the multi-talented Lights, the first issue of the comic is available now for pre-order, with the digital edition set to be released in May. Each monthly comic book unveiling will coincidence with the arrival of new music, culminating in the release of Lights’ fourth studio album when it drops in full this fall.

Lights has been teasing the new project for days, uploading countdown photos to her Instagram page and showing off her newly dyed hair.


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The comic series follows En, a woman written as a reflection of Lights. “Skin & Earth” is described as the “story of a girl looking for hope in a hopeless world. Caught between romance and cults, gods and mortals, and just trying to find a good borscht, Enaia Jin is lead down a dark path by new lovers that reveal a twisted fantasy world and her own true nature. Set in a post-apocalyptic future where corporations rule, this adventurous tale of loneliness, deceit and self-discovery begins here!”

Scheduling the release of the first edition of the comic to coincide with this year’s International Comic Con, Lights wrote on her website this week that she feels as though her life has been leading up to the new Skin & Earth project. “It’s a complete convergence of everything I love – music, comics, post-apocalyptic romance, crystals, wine and powerful ladies, all perfectly entwined. It’ll be by far my most care-free and fierce album yet. I think now, more than ever, people need a reason to listen to a whole record, and this is mine.”

We’re always excited for a new Lights album, but throw in a comic book? Excitement overload.