Lil Wayne, Chief Keef, Korn Have The Most Profane Music According To Study


Do these artists kiss their mothers with those mouths?

An online study by Musixmatch revealed to us recently which popular artists of every genre use the most profanity in their song lyrics. The program analyzes a library of song lyrics and generates the total amount of swears, the number of profanities per clean words, and the top three ranking bad words that are used the most.

Musixmatch analyzed 361 artists, 3,573 albums from those artists, 43,414 tracks from those albums that contained lyrics, and 9,949,289 words in total.

What counts as a profanity? Musixmatch used a list found on GitHub when flagging for profanity. Some of those words may seem silly, but hey, that’s what the study’s based on.

Sometimes when you listen to music and you’re plugged into your own little world, the use of naughty language might go over your head. People are either desensitized or simply don’t notice it! This study brought these results to light, and some of the results may shock you.

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Here are some things we learned as a result:

1. The top three genres with the highest profanity count and most frequent use of profanity are: hip-hop, metal, and surprisingly, electronic music. Even though electronic music is mostly instrumental, artists squeeze out those swears in the few lyrics that they have in the songs.


2. Speaking of electronic music, Diplo takes the cake for the most frequent use of profanity in this genre. He says one profanity word for every 14 clean words! I suppose having more instrumental parts than lyrics don’t help the case.

3. Hip-hop is the most profane out of any music genre. Leading the pack with as most profane artist in this genre (and overall we suppose!) is Lil Wayne. In all 210 tracks he’s released, he cusses a total of 3960 times. Crazy! Rounding out the top five most frequent users of profanity in hip-hop are 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, and T.I.


4. In the case of rappers who’ve put out less albums than the hip-hop veterans, Musixmatch ranked the artists by who swears most frequently. This is where Chief Keef comes in. Chief Keef swears once for every 20 clean words. Yowza.

5. Following hip-hop for most vulgar language is metal. The top most fowl-mouthed artist is Korn. This ’90s nu-metal band swears once for every 44 words. Their number one swear of choice is the f-word (and we don’t mean “feminism” or “friend”). The other two bands that ranked were Slipknot and Children of Bodom.


6. The amount of bad words drops quite a bit with the fourth genre on the list: rock. But even then, it’s still pretty high. Green Day is the most potty-mouthed rock band. Following Green Day is Red Hot Chili Peppers and surprisingly Aerosmith. Although Aerosmith’s ranked number one “naughty word” isn’t even a curse; it’s the word “lust.” Strange word choice for the list?


7. Charli XCX, known for singing Boom Clap for the movie adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars, is the leading lady for the most profane pop artist, swearing 80 times in total throughout 52 songs.


8. The Neighbourhood, Modest Mouse, and Kings of Leon are the top three indie bands to curse most often.

9. Folk even ranks on this list! Well, we did say every genre.

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10. Country uses the least amount of profanity. That’s right; folk has more obscenities than county. The most “profane” country artist (if you even want to call him that) is Justin Moore. He swears once for every 461 words. That’s so much less compared to Chief Keef’s one per 20 word record. Eric Moore and Miranda Lambert round off the top three for country music.

If you want to see the official infographics and findings of the study, click here.

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