Lilly Singh Announces YouTube Break

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh announced a break from YouTube this week in the most Lilly Singh way possible. Translation: the YouTube star posted a video online that was honest, inspiring, and tied into Singh’s longstanding efforts to help destigmatize mental health. #TeamSuper FTW.

Amassing millions of followers on her IISuperwomanII YouTube channel, Singh has spent the past eight years fostering a community that has expanded into international tours, a best selling book, and a documentary celebrating her fans in A Trip To Unicorn Island.

Growing her career beyond social media, Singh has branched outside of YouTube and into the film world, adding credits like Bad Moms and Fahrenheit 451 to her filmography. She’s become an ambassador for UNICEF and ME to WE, starting the #GirlLove movement to support underprivileged girls around the world.

Now Singh is starting to feel the burnout of her ever-growing resume and has announced that she’s taking a break from YouTube, the medium where she first found her audience back 2010. Beginning the channel as a way to deal with depression, Singh is once again making the decision to focus on her mental health, this time stepping away from creating content on her IISuperwomanII channel to focus on herself and her other business endeavours.

Speaking about her prolific body of work on YouTube, which includes weekly videos and often daily vlogs, Singh says “I’ve enjoyed it, I love it. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it has been a lot.”

After hundreds of videos, Singh understandably says “I am mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted.”

Choosing her words carefully, Singh praises the platform where she got her start but admits that she doesn’t understand YouTube’s new model and hopes that time away from the constant grind of creating content will help her refocus her work and restore the passion she had when first becoming a creator.

“I haven’t been super happy with a lot of the content I’ve created,” says Singh, who speaks honestly about her fears over stepping away from her channel. “You know, the thing about YouTube is that, in all of its glory, it kind of is a machine. And it makes creators believe that we have to pump out content consistently, even at the cost of our life and our mental health and our happiness because if you don’t, then you’ll become irrelevant.”

In the new seven-minute video, Lilly credits her fellow YouTubers who have also recently decided to take breaks from the platform in order to work on their mental health.

Singh, who plans on using her time away from YouTube to work on other projects, says she hasn’t decided on when she will end her YouTube break. “I’m not making any rules. This might be a one week break, this might be a one month break—I have no idea.”

We fell in love with Lilly Singh almost a decade ago because of her willingness to openly and honestly share stories about struggles so many of us experience on a daily basis. It’s heartwarming to see that after so many years and millions of followers later, the qualities that made Singh a breakout star on YouTube continue to be at the core of her work.