Lilly Singh Drops Incredible Mini Visual Album ‘Voices’

Lilly Singh Voices

Social media and YouTube star Lilly Singh surprised fans when she announced the upcoming release of her first book, How To Be A Bawse. The upcoming self-help book, due March 2017, will give readers the kick in the butt they need to chase their dream career and go after what they want. In Singh’s case, the next step in her career is rap superstar. Gurl can spit.

Singh uploaded images of herself to Instagram earlier this week, all with the caption “Voices.” Her final image yesterday, showing the Toronto native with a black bomber jacket, braids and a thick stack of bills, announced “Voices” would be dropping at midnight. Drop it she did and we can’t stop listening.

“Voices” is five songs in one, with Singh going from rapping with the bravado of Kanye West, to revealing her feelings of insecurities, to demanding a safe place for women in today’s society. Each new mindset comes complete with its own room in a house and new look for Singh, who even shows off her sexually liberated side.

Singh uses the house metaphor as a visual to the different rooms inside our heads, saying, “Our mind is an intricate house filled with secrets, stories and levels. In the rooms of that house live our voices, the ones that whisper to us throughout the day. Being a good person doesn’t mean you don’t have evil voices, it just means you’ve learned to navigate through them.”

The 2016 iHeartRadio MMVA presenter continues:

We all have these voices that compete within us, contradicting each other, trying to pull us in different directions. Your ego fights your loneliness. Your desire for love fights your insecurities. Your silly ways seem ideal until your mind opens to those who are suffering around the world. We’re constantly hearing our voices and therefore it’s in our best interest to befriend them. But true strength lies in deciding which of our voices govern our actions and which ones define us. It’s not about having voices in our head, it’s about what we do with them. These are my voices.

Singh ends the 10-minute video with a voiceover, saying, “We all have these voices in our head, but regardless of their presence, it’s up to us to decide which ones to use, which ones to base our actions on, and which ones define us. It’s not about the voices in your head, it’s about what you do with them.”

The vulnerable and inspiring video plays like a visual album. Singh not only shows off her strength as a rapper and writer, but also as a performer, something fans saw in her YouTube documentary, A Trip To Unicorn Island.

The Queen Bey of YouTube has arrived.

Check out Singh when she headlines YouTube FanFest in Toronto and performs “Voices” live on Saturday, August 13.