Lilly Singh Takes On T-Pain In Epic Rap Battles Of History


Canadian entertainer Lilly Singh may have given herself the title of Superwoman, but in the latest episode of the YouTube series Epic Rap Battles Of History, the online megastar is transforming herself into Wonder Woman.

In each episode of Epic Rap Battle, two people from history, both real or fictional, battle head to head in a rap showdown. Going against Singh’s Wonder Woman is T-Pain in his greatest role yet as…Stevie Wonder? Ah yes, Wonder versus Wonder. We’ll ignore the fact that one person is a comic book character and the other is a very real and still living musician.

We expected some impressive lines from T-Pain, but Singh has yet again surprised us with her smooth rap style and speedy delivery, something we first saw in her inspiring and emotional music video for “Voices.”

Singh delivers some hard-hitting and cutting lines in her role as Wonder Woman (“You need to ditch the hair beads / Lookin’ like a predator after some chemotherapy”), but quickly got back into unicorn status and followed up her Epic Rap Battles Of History with a new video on her site that promotes female friendship.

Shot during her recent appearance at WE Day Toronto, Singh shares an elevator with models Winnie Harlow and Zendaya, with all three women’s inner monologue revealing that everyone feels insecure at some point.

Check out the video below and click here to watch Lilly Singh, Winnie Marlow, WE Day host Zendaya and many more at WE Day Toronto 2016.