12 New Artists To Love (Based On Ones You Already Do)

Bored of your iTunes playlist but don’t know who to search for? Get ready to plug in that iPhone and hit the sync button, because we’ve put together a list of artists you might like based on the popular musicians you’re already listening to. Just call us your friendly neighbourhood Muchza. MuchCloud? Much Play Music? Muchify? The name needs work, but you get the idea.

If You Like James Bay, Listen to Hein Cooper

Hein Cooper is a Sydney-based singer-songwriter currently touring the world to promote his debut album, The Art of Escape. If you dig the sweet sounds James Bay, you’ll appreciate Cooper for his chill acoustic vibes.

If You Like Bryson Tiller, Listen to KR

Based in Los Angeles, KR is a 21-year-old rapper influenced by Mary J. Blige, A$AP Rocky, Lil Durk and Kanye West. With a tone and diction like Bryson Tiller’s, “Complicated” shares similarities to Tiller’s “Exchange” because of its sad, emotional energy.

If You Like Born Ruffians, Listen to Whitney

If you like chill, indie bands with twangy guitars, look no further than Whitney. Comprised of Smith Westerns’ Max Kakacek and Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Julien Ehrlich, it’s everything your lazy summer afternoon needs.

If You Like Sam Smith, Listen to Tom Misch

Tom Misch is a talented singer-songwriter who’s been gaining a lot of Soundcloud exposure. Hailing from the U.K, Misch describes himself as an artist heavily inspired by modern jazz and soul music. Though we can certainly hear Misch’s jazz inspirations in his music, we also can’t help but notice a similarity to Sam Smith’s signature sound.

If You Like Feist, Listen to Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs is a British, but California-based, musician who describes herself as a “daily choker wearer” and “writer of songs.” She reminds us of Feist not only because they both fall under the same indie-pop genre, but because of their poetic song writing skills.

If You Like The Weeknd, Listen to dvsn

If you market yourself as a hardcore OVO fan, you should probably hear the Toronto R&B duo dvsn. Recently signed to OVO Sound, dvsn’s falsettos and sex-centric lyrics aren’t unlike The Weeknd’s.

If You Like Solange, Listen to Charlotte Day Wilson

While on the topic of Canadian musicians, we couldn’t not include Charlotte Day Wilson on this list. Like the well-known-but-severely-underrated Solange Knowles, Wilson offers a hip, gospel-tinged R&B feel anyone can appreciate.

If You Like Post Malone, Listen to Roy Woods

Also from Canadaland and best known for his collaboration with Drake on “Drama,” Roy Woods is a 20-year-old rapper with a similar tone to Post Malone and Bryson Tiller—and we wouldn’t stop the comparison there. Doubling as both a rapper and a singer, Woods proves his versatility on songs like “Gwan Big Up Yourself.”

If You Like Kaytranada, Listen to River Tiber

River Tiber is a singer-songwriter from Toronto who’s been studying music all his life. He’s been sampled by Drake on “No Tellin'” and has worked with the likes of Kaytranada and Pusha T. If you’re a fan of Canadian DJ Kaytranada’s versatility and sampling, you’ll certainly be a fan of River Tiber.

If You Like Kings of Leon, Listen to HONNE

HONNE is a British electronic-soul duo who are commonly compared to Nashville’s Kings of Leon. If you like sentimental and sadboy bands, you’ve hit the jackpot with HONNE.

If You Like Birdy, Listen to Wet

Wet is an indie-pop American trio who released their debut studio album, Don’t You, earlier this year. Fronted by Kelly Zutrau, she reminds us of Birdy because of her soft, melodious vocals.

If You Like Dragonette, Listen to Elliphant

Swedish singer, rapper and songwriter Elliphant is slowly on her North American come-up. Elliphant reminds us of “Hello” singer Dragonette because of her electronic feel-good party beats.