Listen To Tegan And Sara Cover Shawn Mendes’ ‘Stitches’

It’s no secret that we love cover songs. Sometimes a cover makes you reevaluate your feelings on an original song, finding beauty in something you previously didn’t pay much attention to. Other times covers give you a greater appreciation for the original. In the end, getting a whole new version of a song you love is one of the greatest two-for-one deals we can think of.

One artist who got his start covering songs is Shawn Mendes. The teen pop star famously got his start posting cover videos on the now defunct social media site Vine and since his rise to fame, he’s continued covering some of the biggest artists in the world. In a cool twist, Mendes is also the subject of some pretty amazing covers, most recently by Canadian duo Tegan and Sara.

July 24 marked the official 10-year anniversary of Tegan and Sara’s fifth studio album The Con. To celebrate, Tegan and Sara announced. a new project. Well, a new project featuring some old songs that we love.

Writing on their official website, Tegan and Sara announced The Con X, an album of artists covering all 14 songs from the original album.

“When I hear another band or artist cover one of our songs it can be indescribable and pleasantly disorienting – creating hope where there was originally hopelessness or joy where there was only ever regret,” wrote Sara. “A pop song can become a claustrophobic ballad, or an anguished confession might be transformed into a euphoric mantra. In some ways hearing someone else interpret something so familiar is a way to finally be freed from the personal history of the song and to hear it for the first time.”

The sisters also revealed that all of the net album proceeds from The Con X will be donated to the Tegan and Sara foundation, which raises money to support LGBTQ women and girls. Before The Con X drops, Tegan and Sara decided to show off their own cover skills when asked to perform a song by one of their favourite Canadian artists.

The Con X will arrive on October 13, 2017 and while Tegan and Sara have not yet revealed which musicians will be featured on the new compilation, they have promised that their next announcement will include more information. Until then, check out Tegan and Sara’s beautiful cover of fellow Canadian Shawn Mendes.